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How to cure back pain Empty How to cure back pain

Post by Bergen Guildford on Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:15 pm

A most common confusing question that perplexes people is – How to cure back pain? Generally, experts recommend the person to resume normal activities as soon as the desired rest is received. Over the counter topical agents suppress the pain and so does the pain killers called analgesics. But, the root cause of the pain must be analyzed and identified. This is done in Ayurveda, where the patient is given customized treatment after analyzing the body constitution of the patient and considering the response of the patient to Ayurvedic medicines. Back pain is a chronic condition characterized by numbness or stiffness in the lower back and it is the back that holds most of the body weight. Therefore, in the case of overweight people it is advised to manage their weight in addition to the treatment methods adopted. Sometimes, due to extreme stressful conditions the mind responds in the form of back pain and this is the reason why the mind should be kept at ease during the course of treatment. When modern medicines treats the pain with conservative methods like traction, non-steroidal injections and surgical intervention in extreme cases if the need arises, Ayurveda holds that bone and muscle weakness is the cause of the pain and the treatment methods are adopted likewise. In order to bring back the body back to the balance it is essential that the internal system is cleansed of all accumulated impurities and daily purgation is recommended for this purpose. 

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